In view of the recent events in Chile, we have changed the venue for the meeting: the entire event will be held at Hotel Diego de Almagro.


There is a technical issue with the payment system when paying from outside Chile. Since it has not been possible to fix this issue, the amount to pay for the late registration will be the same as the amount for the early bird registration; payment will be due at the beginning of the meeting in Chilean pesos. We expect the participants with a Chilean payment card to pay on-line, hopefully a few days before the beginning of the event. 

Payment (full, only from Chile)

Payment (scholarship, only from Chile)

Registration Fees:

  • Registration fee (full): CLP$ 80.000
  • Registration fee (scholarship): CLP$ 30.000


Universidad de Concepción Barrio Universitario s/n

Casilla 160 C

Concepción, Chile